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TestPad Development Studio v1.00

TestPad Development Studio contains the following modules:


TestPad Development Studio (executable file): integrates all of the TestPad modules into a single application.


Instrument message-based communication (COM servers), Connections.

          Writing/reading ASCII messages over GPIB, RS-232, TCP/IP, USB interfaces by means of the VISA I/O library.

          Connection Simulation capabilities: saving all run-time queries (sent message - response) into a Connection Simulation File and generating 'simulated' responses from this file later.

          Providing I/O communication protocols over VISA supported interfaces, such as Telnet over TCP/IP. Simplifed application of a custom I/O communication protocol by implementing a COM server and specifying it during connection configuration.


Device Adapter executive (executable + COM server), Devices.

          Interactively defining rules for generating/parsing messages (device operations).

          Creating device configuration attributes used as parameters within device operations.

          Specifying Open/Close device sequences, and device default values (Timeout, Termination string, etc.).

          Run-time executive interpreting Device Adapter file into an actual automation COM server (IDispatch interface) with specified device operations - device object model (properties & methods).


System Configuration Hardware Manager (COM server): provides Connections & Devices configuration database services.

          Two global collections in the System XML configuration store: Connections and Devices.

          Adding a new connection/device by logical name.

          Retrieving all configuration attributes and their valid values of the specified connection/device.

          Configuring connection/device, such as specifying values for connection's VISA attributes or Device Adapter configuration attributes.

          View & Open system connections/devices.


Database support (COM server).

          Saving test results for every single data spec validation, test script status or any user defined data for further processing/analysis.

          Data is saved providing Test ID, Test Result ID, Test Value, Test Status, Description, DUT Serial Number, execution session, Date & Time.


Test Engine (COM server): provides all of the TestPad run-time functionality within test applications, such as Script Executive, Test Control Panel or custom application.

          Executing / evaluating test script: any script language implemented as a Windows Active Scripting engine (JScript, VBScript, etc).

          Data validation according to provided test specification: value, range, pattern.

          Using TestPad Graph ActiveX control to display two-dimensional data.

          Using TestPad Database support to implicitly/explicitly save test results.

          Saving data into a spreadsheet file.

          Output user messages.


Test Script Executive (executable file).

          Loading, editing and executing TestPad Script Files.

          Execute any script language implemented as a Windows Active Scripting engine (JScript, VBScript, etc).

          TestPad Script has a configuration, preset, test and reset sections.


Test Control Panel (executable file).

          Designing User Front Test Control Panels containing controls (edit boxes, buttons, graphs, pictures, static text, group boxes) and the main script.

          Each control has corresponding initialize, get and set script task.


TestPad Tracer (executable file).

          Tracing & Logging actual write/read messages to/from devices and connections.

          Tracing all TestPad system error messages.


System Requirements


To install TestPad Development Studio, your computer must have the following:


          Microsoft Windows 2000/XP operating system;

          Run-time VISA-COM I/O library, such as NI VISA, Agilent VISA or any other "VISA Implementation Specification for COM" implementation (often supplied on the CD-ROM with the Test Instruments);

          Intel Pentium class processor, 133 MHz or higher;

          Video display - 800 600, 256 colors;

          Minimum of 128 MB of RAM;

          Minimum of 40 MB of free hard disk space;


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